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Rich Mulholland
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Underrated TED Talks EP4: Myron Golden

15 hours Ago
The series that helps you become a better professional speaker by analyzing other amazing speakers is back! This week Rich focuses on @Myron Golden's The Master Key to Influence. This talk is worth the watch not just because it’s a masterclass on presenting, but has insights and takeaways for all facets of your business or career! Check out the links below for the workbooks and let’s have a conversation. Watch how to watch a Ted Talk: 📝 PDF Worksheet: 📑Notion Template Worksheet: ▶️ Watch Mr Golden's talk here: ▶️ Watch Demetri’s talk here: ▶️Check out Myron Golden's YouTube Page: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Why you’re struggling to book more speaking gigs

6:031 week Ago
Why are you not booking more gigs? Many public speakers struggle to gain traction, and the reason is this: so many speakers fall into the commodity trap. On this week’s episode, Rich shares some tough-love advice on the reality of most public speakers, BUT, there’s light at the end of the tunnel - on how you can standout, gain traction and lead loud. #professionalspeaker #presentation #publicspeaking #education #storytelling Conor's great post: Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: []( Email: []( Website: []( LinkedIn: []( Facebook: []( Twitter: [](

Keep putting yourself out there: Grateful for viewer gratitude

6:302 weeks Ago
There’s a little-discussed dark side to content creation: How it feels to be rejected on a weekly or daily basis. Not all content is for all audiences and you’re not going to get everyone to like you, but it can be incredibly hard to keep putting yourself out there and not see any immediate rewards on the time you invest or your hard work and perseverance. How do you stay motivated? Watch on to find out more about viewers and gratitude. Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Song: Blink 182, Darkside © ­­­Columbia › watch?v=4cbSPNZryzo

How to shorten your sales cycle and keep selling through a recession? Create compelling events.

8:163 weeks Ago
How do you strengthen your sales in the face of a recession? Survival is all about creating opportunities to sell more, faster! This week’s Lead gives you a simple sales technique that is not only applicable to recession survival but looks at how to increase sales and shorten your sales cycles. #salescycles #salestips #howtosell _ _ _ _ _ Buy my book: Visit our website: Give your sales team the unfair advantage: Build an incredible sales presentation: _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

How to be more successful? Make yourself an option.

6:334 weeks Ago
Luck does not equal success. This week’s Lead Loud looks at how you can empower yourself to succeed by placing yourself in situations that allow you to do more and achieve more. We call it: Making yourself an option. _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

How to write and deliver a speech like the Peaky Blinders: Professional speaker’s analysis

23:401 month Ago
If you're a fan of the BBC's Peaky Blinders, you've no doubt watched the infamous "Silence" speech delivered by Cillian Murphy's character Tommy Shelby. The speech is masterfully written and makes use of various techniques used by professional speakers. In fact, it's so good we had to do a video sharing these techniques with you. So friends, please be silent for this in-depth look at Tommy's Silence speech. 00:00 - 01:31 Introduction 01:32 - 02:58 Opening altitude shifts 02:59 - 04:26 Use of language 04:27 - 06:14 Anaphora 06:15 - 08:42 Creating a common place 08:43 - 09:32 Pitch 09:34 - 10:28 Pose 10:29 - 13:55 Reason to care and use of metaphor 13:56 - 15: 48 Pre-build 15:49 - 16:36 Pause 16:37 - 17:34 The secret P - Peroration, Call to action 17:55 - 19:27 Antimetaboly 19:28 - 19:10 Alternative ending 19:12 - 23:39 Summary Special thanks to Adam Alex Anderva for his insight into how to do a Brummie accent (if you hear any mistakes, it's on us, not him!) Check out his Fiverr page here: Peaky Blinders Copyright BBC Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and Bad Seeds: #PeakyBlinders #BBC #NickCave _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Coming Soon: How to write and deliver a speech like a Peaky Blinder

0:521 month Ago
What makes Tommy Shelby's "Silence" speech from Peaky Blinders so good? You'll have to join us to find out. You don't want to miss this week's #Lead Loud! Full video today at 6PM GMT +2 Peaky Blinders Copyright BBC Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and Bad Seeds: #PeakyBlinders #BBC #NickCave Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Presentation Visualization: A guided visualization for professional speakers

13:411 month Ago
In this week's Lead Loud, Rich employs vision cardio to help you reconnect with your victory conditions, the message you want to deliver and your audience. Breathe, relax and follow Rich on this guided visualization and meditation to hone your presentation skills. It's time to visualize and achieve your greatness. #meditation #guidedmeditation #professionalspeakers Thanks to: Darya of for her vision script support. Willem of for recording the audio (the very same studio that assisted with audiobook version of Here Be Dragons). Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

The Best App for Getting Shit Done: Reclaim your productivity

13:342 months Ago
Get shit done. This week’s Lead Loud focuses on Rich’s #1 productivity hacking app. From idea trapping to planning and time management, this single productivity app has it all. What is it? You’ll need to watch on to find out. Braintoss: Rich's Braintoss video: Idea Traps: Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Should online events and meetings die off? Are we going back to the old normal?

5:442 months Ago
Should online meetings die off? With more and more companies asking staff to return to the office, we are starting to see an increase in the in-person event space once again! It’s comforting to go back to the old “normal”, seeing old colleagues and network acquaintance's in Keynote talks or being part of the action of being in a live audience. But will going back to normal see the death of online or hybrid events, or are they here to stay? What does this mean for online platforms like Hopin, Zoom and Microsoft Teams? Watch on as Rich gets real about the future of online. Additional Footage: Attack On Titan, Funimation Entertainment. _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #hybridevents #onlineevents #backtooffice

Here’s my #1 rule for effective client briefs.

3 months Ago
A good brief is integral to delivering an amazing final product. Yet, so many client managers and salespeople simply fail to get to the heart of the matter. In this week's Lead Loud, Rich shares his simple formula for taking briefs in a way that saves you and your team time and gives your clients the results they need. Need help with your sales narrative? Want your own copy of Here Be Dragons? Oh, if you were wondering what a Panado is, you might know it as Panadol or Tylenol. The more you know 😉 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

How can presentation design fix a bad narrative. (Hint: It won’t).

4:433 months Ago
How does presentation design affect a poorly constructed narrative? As it turns out: a lot. This week’s Lead Loud is about slide design, or rather, the lack of narrative being amplified by great design, whether you’re working in PowerPoint or Prezi. At the Missing Link we know there’s more to a presentation than just great slide design; in the same way that great service make a great meal even better. You can’t fix bad presentation narrative with great design. Connect with Rich: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Why do you hate the sound of your own voice?

6:353 months Ago
CRINGE ALERT! Why do we look and sound so bad on video? This week's Lead Loud is especially for those of us who hate the sound of our own voice. Have you ever listened to a recording of yourself and thought "Ew, is that really me"? Well, you're not alone. In fact, none of us are alone. This week Rich explores why we get uncomfortable with seeing ourselves in video and hearing our own voices played back and how we can get past it. #Audio #Psychology #mirroreffect _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Thank you Gavin Kennedy at Solid Gold Postcast Studios! Please check them out on Twitter: Gavin’s Blog: And while you are checking things out: Here Be Dragons on Audio Book! US - UK -

One easy tip to instantly improve your next Zoom meeting

1:483 months Ago
Here’s one Zoom tip that everyone should know! It will seriously improve your next Zoom meeting. Have you ever accidentally seen yourself in a store window or mirror and been completely distracted by your reflection? Well, you don’t have to feel that way in your next Zoom meeting. We have exciting news coming up for you in the next video... If you haven’t signed up to Rich’s email newsletter yet, go ahead and do that in the meantime ;) #Zoomtips #Onlinemeetings Need more Zoom Tips? We have you covered: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Check your blind spots. Use your clients to grow your business.

4 months Ago
You have a blind spot! But so do we... In this week's Lead Loud Rich explores the idea of business category bundling. You know where you think your business falls, but do your clients agree? Your client’s service bundling could be the secret business tip to growth you never knew you needed. #Business #Growth #Success Connect with me: Check out Missing Link: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ In this video: Follow Howard Mann on Twitter: @Howardmann Get your copy of Your Business Brickyard on Amazon: Music: Rise Against: Wolves. Full Album: AFI: December Underground. Official Channel: Screech Weasel: Weaselmania. Official Channel: NOFX: The Decline. Official Channel: Anti-Flag: American Spring. Official Channel:

How do I build a (personal) brand that stands out?

4 months Ago
When it comes to building successful, professional or personal brands, we can easily spend all of our focus on the end goal, forgetting what makes us stand out. Blending in can mean the death of your personal or professional brand, so how do we find our own x-factor to stand out? To be unique we have to innovate, have an understanding of our business and of what makes us special. That’s where Intersectional Thinking comes in. What is Intersectional Thinking? Watch on, as Rich takes us through how to stand out, both in business and for your own personal brand. #Business #Branding #Success _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with Me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Follow Nic Haralambous on Twitter: @nicharry

Top tips for presenting on Zoom 2022

17:414 months Ago
Take your Zoom meetings and calls to the next level! One of the things we love about Zoom is that the platform is always growing and adding new features. So, we're back with another great Top Tips & Tricks for Zoom - 2022 Edition! Join Rich & The Missing Link Team as we cover everything from Zoom lighting, preparing yourself, your slides and ensuring you maintain eye contact (there’re even special appearances by our Missing Link experts!) and get ready to take your Zoom meetings (and Zoom presentations) to the next level! #Zoom #Onlinepresentation #Onlinemeetings 00:00 - 01:14 Introduction 01:36 Sneaky Tip: Feature the speaker 01:56 Tip 1: Eye contact 04:32 Tip 2: Removing noise & distractions 06:50 Tip 4: Prepare for the share. Share your screen, prep your slides 10:43 Tip 5: Use the tools 13:10 Sneaky Tip: Show up, speak up, shut up! 13:50 Pro Tip: Running Polls 14:26 Pro Tip: Lighting 15:03 Pro Tip: Use an external camera! 16:05 Pro Tip: Use Zoom to fix your lighting 16:42 Pro Tip: Using questions for gaining audience engagement. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Follow the team: Kevin Dike - Josh Peterse - Daniella Banola - Sean Fulton - Ruan Labuschagne - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2021 Tips: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Featured in this video: Prezi: Teleprompter: Plexicam: Reincubate Camo: Krisp: Standing Desk options: South Africa: deskstand FEZIBO Stand Up Desk: FEZIBO Electric Stand Up Desk: FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter:

The winning recipe for online courses

6:184 months Ago
Why do only 5% of online courses get completed? Is there a secret recipe to creating a successful and engaging course that people will pay for and finish? How do you plan a successful online course? We all want to learn as quickly as possible, for some it means gaining a deep understanding of theory before applying what we learn practically, for others we want the what-to-do list. Richard explores what online students want and what you in the online course business space can do to get more courses sold and completed on your platform, by using tips and course planning tools from sources that may surprise you! #onlinecourse #elearning #course Food Rules: (Vegan) Easy Cheesy Sausage Rigatoni Recipe: Join Rich’s Story to Stage Mentorship Program: Derek Sivers “Saying No To Millions”: Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Underrated Ted Talks EP 3: Ed Winters

15:055 months Ago
OH NO! The vegans are coming! Ed Winters (AKA Earthling Ed) is this weeks’ underrated TED Talk. In this episode, we look at how Ed has structured his argument for veganism from the perspective of a meat eater, his presentation style and the visuals (or lack thereof). We think Ed’s talk is a masterclass in presentation, so grab your worksheets, watch Ed’s talk and let's dive into another How to Watch TED Talks The Right Way! 00:00 - Intro 00:11 - Topic Introduction 01:35 - How to watch a TED Talk 02:08 - How Did He Win Me Over? 04:10 - What Would I Steal? 09:00 - What Feedback Would I Give? 14:32 - Outro PDF Worksheet: Notion Template Worksheet: Buy my new book, Here Be Dragons: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #Veganuary #Veganism #TEDTalks

Things I wish I knew before I became a professional speaker (Top tips you can use).

13:415 months Ago
Gather round, fledgling speakers. We have 25-years of experience and first-hand insight to share! This week we give you Rich’s Top 5 Things no one tells you before undertaking a career as a professional speaker. None of us start with all the answers, but, we can share what we’ve learned along the way. Watch on as Rich takes us through his top tips for content, expertise, end theory, bookings, exposure, and how to use the power of stage marketing. Don’t forget to do your wiggle for our Story to Stage promo ;) 00:00 Intro 00:58 You Only Need One Talk 03:17 You Don’t Need to Be the Expert 05:20 Peak-end Theory 08:17 Stages Book Stages 10:00 The Power of Stage Marketing 11: 53 Get Coached Buy my new book: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #Howto #TopTips #Professionalspeaking

2021 Highlights: What MUJI taught me about being good enough

2:286 months Ago
What is good enough? In our final 2021 Highlights Video, we look back at what MUJI Design can teach us about their design principles. It's a simple shift in thinking from "This is it" to "This will do". What's the difference and why should you care? Watch on to learn how you can apply this idea to how you set goals, improve your quality of self and gain greater life satisfaction. Buy my new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #selfimprovement #fulfillment #Muji

2021 Highlights: The year of intent

3:506 months Ago
Resolutions without resolve are meaningless! This week's throwback video is aimed at using this time to do some deep work and planning around your resolutions and how you commit yourself to achieve them. Stop creating micro-goals, start setting micro conditions! Buy my new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #Resolutions #NewYear #2022

2021 Highlights Why you’re not checking things off your bucket list (and I am)

5:286 months Ago
Bucket lists, we all have one, right? Whether it's a travel bucket list, a family bucket list, an extreme sports bucket list, or concert and music bucket lists. In this week's throwback video we're sticking to the theme of goals and planning with intention. Planning and achieving your bucket list dream might be easier than you think, and there's one simple trick to making your checklist happen. The answer might surprise you. Buy my new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #BucketList #Goals #Intention

2021 Highlights: Improve your family life using unexpected business tools

7 months Ago
Business Tools, as entrepreneurs and professionals we use them every day. So why aren't we applying tried and tested business techniques to create valuable intention at home? Hack the way your family communicates and how you grow together with this throwback video. Let's start the new year the way we mean to end: Strong and with intentional, actionable goals. Buy my new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #BusinessTools #Family #Goals

Underrated Ted Talks EP 2: Tegan Phillips

12:517 months Ago
Rethink courage and what you think a good presentation looks like. Episode 2 in the series and we're back with another great speaker, fellow South African and cartoonist, Tegan Phillips! Tegan's passion and courage have led her to cycle from South Africa to Kenya, Spain and New Zealand. In her TED Talk, she discusses what courage can teach us (in spite of her own nerves), but for us, the real questions are: what is perfectly fine, what is courage, what can we learn from Tegan and what would you steal? TED Talks Series Worksheets: PDF Worksheet: Notion Template Worksheet: Tegan's Talk: The funny thing about courage: Tim Urban's talk: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator: Buy my book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #TedTalks #TeganPhillipscomics #Courage @TEDx Talks

Books or Kindle: Which format is best?

7 months Ago
Books vs Kindle, where do you stand? There are 2 types of people in this world, eBook fanatics and traditional print book fans. No matter where you get your reading done, having access to your favorite books in a printed format, pc, laptop or tablet is a personal choice... Even if you're making the wrong one. This week we look at our top reasons for why we prefer Kindle over printed books. Connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Buy Here Be Dragons: #ebooks #kindle #reading

Underrated TED Talks Episode 1. Ft Itay Talgam

12:027 months Ago
In this week's first How to watch a TED Talk, we learn from the olympian conductor, the masterful, the only Itay Talgam. Grab your worksheets, watch the videos and let's learn from one of the best! PDF Worksheet: Notion Template Worksheet: My new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Sign up for my newsletter: Connect with me: Sign up to my newsletter: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Buy my book: #TED #ideas #presentation #ItayTalgam

How to watch a Ted Talk the right way. Learn & improve from amazing talks

12:347 months Ago
Are watching Ted Talks a waste of time? It is! If you're not getting the meaning behind the talk or presentation. The best Ted Talks have specific topics and 5 key factors that make them successful. In this, the first of a brand new mini-series, we're looking at 5 (+1 secret) things you should be doing when watching a Ted Talk. What is a good Ted Talk? We want you to get interactive, tell us what you learn from your favorite underrated Ted Talks and we could discuss your video in the series! Are you ready to 10x your next presentation? PDF Worksheet: Notion Template Worksheet: My new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Sign up for my newsletter: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Here Be Dragons: #TedTalks #Tedx #learning #Sethgodin

Online meetings and events running late? My tips for rewarding good audiences

5:258 months Ago
Keep your presentation event on time, on track and stop rewarding the latecomers! There’s nothing more frustrating for your audience or speakers by people coming in late for your hybrid or online event, presentation, pitch or meeting. People need to leave, speakers have other engagements, you're punishing those of us who were on time and rewarding bad behavior. Here are my tips to keep your event and audiences on time. Competition Winner: Congratulations Gareth Ochse for being the lucky winner of a signed copy of Here Be Dragons! One of the Missing Link Staff will be contacting you. My new book: Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Sign up for my newsletter: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #LeadLoud #Events #Online #Hybrid #presenting #professional #HereBeDragons #NewBook

Tired of coming across as unprepared or nervous in your presentations? Try these tips!

7:498 months Ago
Tired of sounding unprepared or nervous when you’re speaking? Nothing ages as badly as using fillers like memes, clichés and slang, but what's worse is the use of too many "ums" and "ers" when you’re speaking. This is not only true for meetings and daily conversations, but vital when addressing or presenting to anyone on a business or professional level. This week’s video aims to answer a simple but important question: How to stop sounding unprepared and daft when presenting. WIN the FIRST copy of my new book, Here Be Dragons! Right, lets keep it easy: Step 1: Give this video a thumbs up. Step 2: Head over to my twitter: @RichMulholland and give me a follow there. Step 3: Share this video and tag me in the post. In 2 weeks time, we'll do a lucky draw and you could win the FIRST signed copy of my new book, Here Be Dragons. Good luck everyone! Download your preview of Here Be Dragons: Sign up for my newsletter: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #LeadLoud #presenting #professional #HereBeDragons #NewBook

Is generation theory a lie?

8 months Ago
Generation Theory? More like BULLSHIT! This week’s #LeadLoud addresses a key question: How do I speak to different age groups? From #boomers, to #millennials and #genz, the greatest definition of what makes us “different”, is the age we are living in and the shifting approach to technology in the face of global events. It's no longer our physical age that defines us, but the age we live in. Stop telling yourself the lie that we are classified by generation. Find the full talk for Heavy Chef here: Sneak Peak of Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #GenerationTheory #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining

Prezi Video Game Changer: 3 killer new features for better hybrid meetings

9:508 months Ago
Prezi has been making it easier for hybrid working, presentations and events. This week I take you through some of the latest and greatest updates to the platform that streamlines how you present and work. Here are 3 things I love about the new Prezi build, tell me what yours are in the comments below! Download a preview of my new book: Here Be Dragons: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #HybridWorking #Presentation #Workfromhome #MissingLink #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining

Best sales tip: what a barbershop taught me about sales and presenting

8:229 months Ago
This week's Lead Loud is all about becoming a better salesperson or speaker. What might surprise you is that the lesson comes from Mr. Franco of Urban City Barbershop in Huston Texas. Watch to find out how this amazing individual took me from one-time walk-in to merch buying super-fan through the power of telling the right story at the right time. Download a preview of my new book: Here Be Dragons: Check out Urban City Barbershop: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #SalesTips #CrossServicing #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #CrossSelling #Sales

How to build better business relationships

6:109 months Ago
All things being equal, people do business with people they like. Best make sure you're more liked than the next person then, right? In this video I introduce a technique that I've been using for over 20 years, to get closer to my customers, faster. It's speed #networking, of another kind. The #Forbes article: Study Says Shorter Names Earn More ( Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified about Here Be Dragons launch: The OG video I mentioned: #15 What's My Name Again - Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #TheNameGame #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #BuildBetterRelationships

How to swear in meetings

0:049 months Ago
Swearing. We all do it, some of us don't like it, but did you know that a well-placed F-Bomb could be the difference between you losing a pitch or closing it? Research by Keele University has proven that swearing can reduce pain, trigger our flight or fight responses and help us cope with overwhelming situations BUT there's a limit to how effective it can be if overused. Join me in this week's video to learn my rules around swearing effectively when addressing others! Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #HowToSwear #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #MeetingTips #SwearLikeAPro

How many people in an effective meeting?

3:259 months Ago
With the advent of Teams and Zoom, it's easier than ever before to just invite people to meetings that they don't need to be on. Big zoom calls are the "CC" of the Twenties. Don't do it! Addition by subtraction. Invite one less person. Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #BigMeetingsSuck #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #MeetingTips #OnlineMeetingTips

What software do I need to make a good presentation?

6:4910 months Ago
Okay, so I know I dodged the question here, but great pans don't bake great cakes - great recipes do! As of now, there are no software shortcuts that can fix a bad presentation. That said if you are already rocking it, and presenting online, certainly give Prezi a try: Otherwise, you need to get the basics right: Need help? We'd love to… Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #WhatMakesAGreatPresentation #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #Prezi #PowerPoint

How to present better online with the Logitech Spotlight

4:1210 months Ago
One thing that's tricky when presenting online is app-focus i.e. which app am I controlling right now? Luckily the great Logitech Presenter has a cool wee function that you can use to help you out when you are not where you need to be. Spotlight: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #LogitechSpotlight #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #Logitech #PresentingHack #PresentOnline

How to write a great presentation title

5:4910 months Ago
Whether you want people to book you as a speaker, or you just want people to show up to your meeting. You need to have a great title, subject, or headline. In this video we share a format that will work every time. CONNECT WITH ME: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #WriteGreatTitles #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #PresentationTitles

How to make eye contact on Zoom

6:2810 months Ago
When it comes to having more effective Zoom calls and presentations, a critical factor is eye contact. We need to look at people and not near them. There's an easy way, and a more complicated way to make this happen. Here are some links: Teleprompter: Screen I use in my teleprompter (which I also use as a second screen while traveling: Plexicam: The Teleprompter Alternative | Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #EyeContact #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #MeetingTips #Zoom #ZoomTips

How to be a nicer person instantly

4:5411 months Ago
Most of us are nice people, sometimes we do not nice things. This small little life hack will make you immediately nicer and will make the people around you feel a bit better. As a presenter, it will also make your job of finding great content a little bit easier.

How to run hybrid meetings that don’t suck

9:1811 months Ago
Hybrid meetings are here to stay, just hopefully not in their current (poor) form. Luckily the team at Prezi have created a short concise guide that is choc-full of tips for more effective online meetings. Missing Link was a proud contributor. Download it here Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #HybridMeetingTips #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #MeetingTips #HybridMeetings #MakeMeetingsSuckLess #Prezi #Slack #Slido #Zapier

My home ZOOM studio set up for meetings and webinars

8:2511 months Ago
I'll be moving to a new studio that we have built at home this weekend, so before I did, I wanted to share what my CLAPS (Camera, Lighting, Audio, Presentation, Set) home studio setup looks like now. The gear I mentioned: Camera: Sony ZV1: Logitech BRIO: (could be right for some, check reviews) Reincubate camo: Shure MV7: Shure MV5: Samson Meteor: LX: Godox: Other: Walking pad: Preso clicker: (I forgot to mention this, but I love my spotlight) CONNECT WITH ME: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #HomeStudioSetup #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #CLAPS #TechForPresenting #RichMulholland

How to never forget an idea again!

4:4611 months Ago
Ideas are cheap, ideas we execute on are not. However in order to execute on ideas, we need to first trap them. I have spoken about the concept of idea traps before, but now I want to tell you how to actually set them. My previous vid on idea traps: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #Ideas #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #Speakers #Braintoss #SuperHuman #CatchYourIdeas

Why you REALLY need to tell stories!

9:5811 months Ago
We know that stories are important, but why are they important, and how do we tell the right stories at the right time to make the right impact? Don't just show up and throw up, use your stories well! 0:55 - Julian Shapiro: Connect with me: Email: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #StorySelling #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship #WhyToTellAStory #Storytelling #JulianShapiro

Are presentations important?

5:3712 months Ago
Yes! For goodness sake yes they are! Think of the last big change in your business, I bet it happened after a presentation of some sort. Presentations are the catalyst of so many important moments - and yet we leave their creation to chance. I think it's time to stop that. Your business needs a chief presentation officer, someone whose job is to make sure that the words you say are as on point as the products and services you sell. Contact us: Story-to-Stage: Our Professional Speaker Mentorship Program: Connect with me: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #ChiefPresentationOfficer #LeadLoud #PresentationPowerhouse #Presenting #PresentationTraining #StorytoStage #Speakers #SpeakerMentorship

How to take back your calendar

10:1812 months Ago
Your calendar is under attack, if it's not internal stand-ups, it's customers, if it's not customers it's webinars... and so it goes. All of these are important, and can add value, but if we're not careful the cost is that we give up control of our most important resource. Time. This is what I address in this video. 01:26 - Legacide - 05:56 - Vyte - Connect with me: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: #MissingLink #Productivity #LeadLoud #Timeblocking #CalendarBlocking #TimeManagement #ProductivityHacks #Presentation

How hobbies make you happy

8:5212 months Ago
I have a core belief that #happiness is not a destination, but a meal that needs to be prepared, consumed, and enjoyed often. The problem is that for many people our life is divided into two states, "work", and "not-work". I think we need a third state - "recreational-work" too. Humans gain happiness from a job well done, a state of flow, and immersion in our craft. We then leave that state and expect happiness to come from an absence of these things. Failing that, we throw ourselves into our work. I believe that the third state of recreational work, or for the extremely passionate, recreational obsessions, is where it is at. i.e. #hobbies. Many see hobbies as a childlike endeavor not to be taken seriously, I see them as a key component in my continued happiness. This video is about this idea. Shawn Johal's Happy Leader book:

The one GREAT thing I learned delivering virtual presentations

5:421 year Ago
Please consider hitting 👍🏻 and SUBSCRIBE 👊🏽💥 Like many of us I had to make the leap from being a public speaker to being a #virtual #publicspeaker. In many ways this has been a life upgrade for me - but it has also given me some new tools that have made me a better presenter generally. In this video I want to share the one big "a-ha" moment I had and how it has helped shape me. *Hint: it's to do with my slide use. Jon Levy TED Salon talk: -- Stay in touch: Need help with your presentations? Want to join the next cohort of our public speaking mentorship program? Book a call with me here:

The truth behind sticking to your goals

10:251 year Ago
Goals are hard. Hard, but worthwhile. The problem is that we expect perfection and don't factor in failure. Three years ago I decided that I NEEDED to get myself back on track so created a new system that has allowed me to consistently achieve my biggest goals. It's a simple structure that makes the act of setting and tracking incremental goals the core act, and the main goal the by-product.

Three great books for presentation and communication

10:291 year Ago
There are many great books on presenting, not least of which, mine :) However, for true mastery, you need to look deeper. That's what I wanted to cover here. Have any other great books? Let me know. Boredom Slayers presentation training: Backlisted Podcast: The Microscript Rules - Bill Schley: Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath: Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie:

How to sell online with Prezi

8:141 year Ago
#OnlineSelling in the #B2B space is a huge growth area for #entrepreneurs. It allows us to increase our reach and saves time. I use #prezi as a tool to enhance my #ConversationalPresenting, allowing me to listen to what my prospect is looking for, but still have material to back up what I'm saying. Go to : for six months of prezi video pro free.

Step four: Tell them what they need to do

10:411 year Ago
The final step in this five part series on the perfect presentation structure. Let me know if you use it and how it worked for you. Get my presentation book here: Join our professional speaking program here: Here's a free trello board with the above framework that you can use to prep your presentation:

Step two: Give them a reason to believe

6:281 year Ago
The third video in our series on Missing Link's presentation action framework.

Step three: Tell them what they need to know

6:221 year Ago
Okay, so now we are the (*Beyond) meat and potatoes of your presentation. This is where you build your legacy list and give them the information that they are now ready to hear. LINKS MENTIONED: 02:17 - Aristotles theory of Rhetoric - 02:35 - Thank you for arguing - Jay Heinrichs - 2:45 - Blinkist version: 3:05 - Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark - 4:50 - Kid Dynamite: Shorter, Faster, Louder on Spotify: Amazon: *Vegans - We're the worst ;)

The perfect presentation structure

6:551 year Ago
Presenting is hard, but it doesn't need to be. We blame tools like #PowerPoint, but the blame is on us. You write a good talk before you design it before you deliver it. In this series of five videos we take you through each of the steps of Missing Link's well respected Action Framework: 😍Give them a reason to CARE 🤔Give them a reason to BELIEVE 🤯Tell them what they need to KNOW 😎Tell then what they need to DO These four steps will help you in EVERY #presentation or #sales meeting you have going forward. Want to learn more, check out my book at:

Step one: Give them a reason to care

8:181 year Ago
This is the first step in Missing Link's presentation action framework. Be sure to watch the intro first.

The Experts’ Guide To Public Speaker Fees

1 year Ago
One of the first question I get asked by speakers is "how much should I charge?", and one of the first questions I get asked by potential clients is, "how much do you charge to speak?" I think it's time we remove the guesswork and mystery.

How to remember your ideas!

15:261 year Ago
Ideas are cheap. We all have them. The problem is that they are also elusive AF! As a speaker keeping track of great ideas for future talks and presentations is a skill that I need to excel at. As an entrepreneur, it's exactly the same. In this video I explain how I think about #idea traps and share with you the tools I use to snare them. 🤘🏽Me: 🔗My company: 🎙Our public speaking mentorship program: 📚Books: Legacide: Boredom Slayer: StorySeller (free): 📱Social:

The big mistake entrepreneurs make

7:091 year Ago
For many years, if you asked me what I did I'd have answered, "I'm an entrepreneur." That answer came at a cost though, and the cost is that it made me lose sight of what my real job was: helping ordinary people deliver extraordinary presentations. Of course I had other jobs, I was the salesman, the marketer, for brief stints, the boss. Even then though, my job wasn't entrepreneurship (starting businesses), my job was running one. Don't let the mantle of entrepreneurship, especially serial entrepreneurship, take you away from the depths of your craft. And look, for some of you, sure, entrepreneurship is your job, but starting lots of businesses can sometimes feel like licking the icing from the top of the cake and never enjoying the cake itself. A delicious sugar rush, but never enough to keep you satisfied for long.

How many presentation slides should I use?

7:541 year Ago
*SPOILER ALERT* it's different for in-person than online! As a presentation strategist and coach, this is absolutely one of the most comment questions I get asked. It takes various forms? How many slides in a 10-minute presentation? How many slides in a TED Talk The answer, of course, is "it depends". But I have a good rule of thumb to get you started. ---------- Here's all my links for you :) (all the below on one page) 🤘🏽Me: 🔗My company: 🎙Our public speaking mentorship program: 📚Books: Legacide: Boredom Slayer: StorySeller (free): 📱Social:

How to create the perfect elevator pitch.

8:421 year Ago
Whether you are ever actually going to run into your dream prospect in an elevator or not, you need an elevator pitch. It's your phrase that pays, a concise sentence that explains what problem you solve in the(ir) world. Yet I rarely here people with one that hooks me, this is sad as they are really easy to create. That's what I want to help you do in this short video: You know how you...? Well what I do is...! Feel free to type yours in the comments below. #picth #elevatorpitch #publicspeaking #presentations #salespitches #personalbranding

How to use Prezi Video’s new “Drag & Drop” to build a presentation in seconds.

5:091 year Ago
It's not secret that I'm a fan of Prezi Video. Well, I'm an even bigger one now with this update. Drag and Drop is a game changer for ease of use of the already great tool for online presentations.

What make-up do men need on Zoom?

10:561 year Ago
Okay so everyday is "lights, camera, action" when it comes to #onlinepresentations and #zoommeetings. You know what comes before lights though? Make-up! We're so obsessed with great #tech, but often we fail to prepare ourselves for that tech. A small amount of #make-up applied in under two-minutes can go a long way towards helping you look your best on Zoom. --- Helpful links: Rice paper wipes: Smashbox BB cream: Translucent powder: My camera: My company: Book me to speak:

Zoom presentation tips

12:411 year Ago
Presenting on Zoom can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. In fact Zoom is doing it's best to make you a pro straight out the gate. What I've compiled here is five tips and settings that you can turn on (or off) in Zoom's settings to make it easier for you to show up like a pro. Noise canceling: --- zoom presentation tips, zoom presentation tips and tricks, zoom presentation tips for students, zoom presentation tips and tricks powerpoint, zoom presentation tips youtube, zoom presentation tips for teachers, tips for giving presentations on zoom, zoom presentation powerpoint tips

Virtual presenting like a pro

1 year Ago
A few weeks ago I was invited to a webinar for the team at #prezi. What has changed for me as an online presenter is the realization that my relationship with my visual aids has changed. I no longer think in terms of #slides, but in scenes - you should too. This webinar will show you how you can create #onlinepresentations that are even better than their live counterparts. Full Dimitri Martin clip: --- zoom presentation tips, zoom presentation tips and tricks, zoom presentation tips for students, zoom presentation tips and tricks PowerPoint, zoom presentation tips YouTube, zoom presentation tips for teachers, tips for giving presentations on zoom, zoom presentation PowerPoint tips

Create better events on Zoom

1 year Ago
Your audiences are paying, if not with money, with their time and attention so in order to make it worthwhile there here are three things you need to unlock so that every time you organise an event or bring people together, you do so right. 1. Relevant Content 2. Functional Technology 3. Effective Presenters If you achieve all three of these your audience will leave activated. — Know someone running an event? Share this video with them. — LINKEDIN: -—Subscribe to my newsletter:

How to engage your audience with zoom’s cool new tool

4:441 year Ago
As I have said before about online presenting is that the game has changed where speakers have to hold their audience's attention. Now we have to interrupt their distraction, and Zoom's new features have made it a whole lot easier. With your audience is no longer a passive participant but rather an active participant, and the more they can engage the easier it is for you to disrupt their distraction. How has Zoom made this easier? And we're not just talking standard polls and comments but rather nonverbal communication... Once you have turned on nonverbal communications, you will be able to poll and engage with your audience in real-time without any setup beforehand. — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter:

Three Laws of Whatsapp voicenotes

9:162 years Ago
Are Whatsapp voicenotes evil? As much as I love sending them, I don't like receiving them and neither do most people. Are they abused? Yes. Should we stop using them? No. Should we use them better? Completely. To me, the whatsapp voice note is an arrow in the quiver of asynchronous communication. When used correctly, it is to phone calls what tools like #Loom are to meetings. Should it replace the simple text message? ONLY SOMETIMES. If you can effectively message via text, do. However if detail and tone-of-voice are important, then a voice note is better, and interrupts less than a phone call. Here are 3 laws I use when sending Whatsapp voicenotes: 1. Each voicenote has one job Every voice note should have one purpose. Don't overload your voicenotes with more than one point. 2. Give context Writing a small context message to what the voicenote is about, helps the receiver know the importance of the voicenote and the content it covers. Plus, this makes your voicenotes searchable. 3. One minute, one message Try to keep your messages under 1 minute. The burden on brevity should fall on the sender, not the receiver. What are your thoughts on these? Watch the vid and let me know below. — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter:

Showreel 2020

1:152 years Ago
Having spoken in over 30 countries on 6 continents, I know first-hand the impact that memorable presentations can make. That’s why I work with executives and speakers around the world, helping them deliver unforgettable presentations that activate audiences and generate income. Some call me the public speakers' public speaker. Book me to speak at your next event. — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #publicspeaker #speaker #professionalspeaker #speakershowreel #RichardMulholland #RichMulholland #speakercoach

Showreel 2020

1:152 years Ago
Having spoken in over 30 countries on 6 continents, I know first-hand the impact that memorable presentations can make. That’s why I work with executives and speakers around the world, helping them deliver unforgettable presentations that activate audiences and generate income. Some call me the public speakers' public speaker. Book me to speak at your next event. — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #publicspeaker #speaker #professionalspeaker #speakershowreel #RichardMulholland #RichMulholland #speakercoach

Is the New Normal really what you want?

6:072 years Ago
I have a dragon I want to slay, and its name is the new normal! Every time someone says the words 'new normal,' a little piece of me dies inside. Why is normal something we strive to work towards? Being normal is what got us into this problem in the first place. The people that find themselves operating at their best in abnormality and don't morn the loss of normality are winning right now. You should decide to be one of those people. The enemy to progress is normality! Instead of stagnating in normality, we should be moving. The worst advice I ever took was to not innovate and strive for change but to do nothing and avoid the icebergs... You don't want to be the driver of the ship, you want to be the iceberg. If you don't want your life to be remembered as normal, then stop wishing this 'new normal' will come by. Embrace your abnormality. If you have an idea that you want to go to war with then check out, where we can help you take your idea to the stages around the world. Lead Abnormally Loud! — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #newnormal #leadloud #leadership #business

Unfollow your friends

5:402 years Ago
Social Media has become marketing media. Marketing media, for a lot of people is their way of getting their ideas out and building their authority. This is not a bad thing. If they are your friends, you should want them to succeed and narrow their opinions in their areas of authority so the world can know them for it. The media you are putting out doesn't always resonate with your friends, and that's fine, they are not your audience and similarly if you are not seeing value from your friends content, then you are not their audience. Here's what you can do: - If you are not seeing value in your friends posts, show them the courtesy of unfollowing them. Let them know that you are separating their social media persona from their real life persona that you know and love. - If you are trying to grow as a thought leader, stop seeing it as social media. Maybe let your friends know that you will be using your platform to build your profile. Don't take it personally if they unfollow. We all want our friends to succeed, let's not get in their way. — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #professionalspeaker #speaker #presentations

New free Presentation tool from Logitech

3:212 years Ago
Logitech has brought out an awesome new feature (currently in Beta) that can help you level up your online presentations. One of my pet hates is the speaker laser pointer! In no way is it going to help you, HOWEVER, great presenters have some sort of presenter tool/ presentation remote. I use the Logitech Spotlight which you can get here: Logitech Spotlight lets you highlight a part of the screen just by pointing the device at it, and they just brought the spotlight feature to the mouse (in Beta). Now you can highlight a part of your presentation with ease. Remember to use it sparingly, It's only effective when used in moderation and for the right moment. Treat it like a paid-for feature that costs big money for each use. Sign up for the Beta here: — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #logitechspotlight #professionalspeaker #presentationtools #presentations #speaker #speakercoach

Stand and Deliver when presenting on Zoom or Teams

4:592 years Ago
Have you subscribed yet? It really helps me a lot. I'm asking the question: Why are we all sitting giving online presentations? If you want to blow your online audience's socks off, you should stand and deliver like you actually mean it. Every single speaking gig I do online, I do them standing and at every event, someone always comments like “oh you’re standing. Do you always stand when you present?” Everybody notices it. They see the difference. What’s bizarre is that no one ever noticed “the standing” part of your talk before but now they do. This gives you an opportunity to stand out as a speaker in a sea of bored faces and headshots inside zoom meeting boxes. There are two reasons why you have to stand when you're presenting: - Reason number one is to tell your audience that you actually care. Sitting down means you don't. - Reason number two is to tell yourself that you give care. You've got to tell your own body that you're doing something different. So my promise is that when I give these talks I will be standing and delivering them with the passion and vigour they deserve. And if you’re an aspiring professional speaker and you want to do more, do better. You should look into our programme story to stage. That’s all from me! Peace! — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #standanddeliver #professionalspeaker #presentonline #zoom #teams #MSteams

Discussing PowerPoint Presenter Coach on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield

7:152 years Ago
Bruce Whitfield invited me on The Money Show to talk about PowerPoint's Presenter Coach. You should really check it out if you haven't yet. Presenter Coach's AI monitors your flow, your pace, detects filler words like 'um' and 'basically', sensitive phrases, pitch and so much more. As with any tool, it does have its flaws. The coach will try to stop you reading your slides but I always say that if you have a quote or a big point to make, read your slides. Help your audience stay focused on you and not distracted by your slides. I'd love to hear your feedback on Presenter Coach down in the comments. — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter:

Is Prezi the online presentation tool you’ve been waiting for?

5:012 years Ago
Just like businesses in these times, the presentation space is constantly innovating. In my first book Legacide, I spoke a lot about bad first iterations, where you may not like something right now but don't write it off completely. Just because you have been asleep, doesn't mean the developers have been. This brings me to my second book Boredom Slayer, where I tore apart the presentation tool Prezi. I now need to eat my words as they have brought to a new tool (new to me), that is changing the game and can easily be run in Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. head on over to and grab the tool for yourself. Here's how it works; you simply start up your favourite meeting tool with Prezi Video set as your camera and with the click of a button you can overlay your presentation in either full screen or on the side. No green screens or backgrounds needed. Ready to become the next great public speaker? Check out our latest program Story-To-Stage! Get Legacide: Get Boredom Slayer: — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter: #PublicSpeaker #Presenting #Prezi

How to get more value from the online events you attend

5:272 years Ago
You can get more and 10x your attention from every online event you attend simply by engaging! At any event, your audience pays with their attention and presenters pay with their effort. The audience wants an ROA - return on attention and the speaker wants an ROE - return on attention, together that forms the overall ROI. To reach this ROI the speaker needs to put in the effort but the audience has their own role to play. With online events, the rules have changed. The audience has permission to engage! To switch from a passive participant to an active participant and engage with the speaker. If you are an events organiser or speaker, ask your audience to engage in the chat but most importantly, give them a reason too. Trust me, your events will be better for it! — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter:

Why you need to be a public speaker

6:142 years Ago
Next to the biggest fear of death is public speaking, it's a lie! If it was, people wouldn't do it. It turns out, public speaking is scary because it matters and it matters because it makes a difference and it makes a difference because it builds authority. Doing a good job gives you more authority and vice versa. I think there is a massive opportunity here, what a lot of us need to be doing is getting that authority. But how? There are three ways: 1. Get out on stage There are more stages available today than any other point in human history! There are more platforms online and offline than ever before that you should be using. There are so many online events looking for smart speakers 2. Charge for your talks! There is a problem with the public speakers business model. You should only speak for free... if you only speak for a fee. This only works if there is a downstream effect. Where doing a free talk leads to future sales in my business or being booked for more paid talks. 3. Decide to be the expert Look around, who is the authority in your field? If there is no one that comes up immediately, then that person can be you. It SHOULD be you! — Download the Trello board to help you map out your talk: Get the knowledge Missing Link's brand new program Story-To-Stage: — LINKEDIN: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: - — Subscribe to my newsletter:


3:442 years Ago
Turns out I was at my best last week when I was working. Why? Because I was doing something worthwhile. I was working towards solving the problems we're facing the only way I knew how. Right now that's what matters. Keep our brains busy. It may not save us from the corona virus, but it can certainly save us from ourselves. David's talk:

5 Tips for delivering ZOOM presentations like a pro.

13:462 years Ago
We're all presenting on ZOOM these days. Pity we're still so bad at it. Here's five things I do as a professional speaker that can help you too. For more help go to To book me to speak to your team online: http://GetRich.AF Sign up for our FREE webinar: How to rock at desktop-conferencing:

Embrace the new normal

3:032 years Ago
(AAAANND this time the correct video...) I get it, we're all "thought leadered" out I am too! But I just had a great conversation with Ross Drakes from Nice Work and if you're a leader or manager, I'm asking for three minutes of your time, because the narrative has to change fast AND YOU NEED TO CHANGE IT. The world is at war. We're in the bunker. Do we stop, or do we adapt? Leaders, you have a job to do, it's to get to the mindset of "business as unusual" as soon as possible. We need to adapt, and carry on. If you are a leader or a manager the narrative has to change. This needs to become our new normal, and we need to communicate that as soon as possible. Nice Work and Missing Link are going to put our heads together as to how we can make this easier - but you're the ones that are going to have to do the heavy lifting.

How much does your company conference REALLY cost?

2:162 years Ago
I think we're in a bit of denial about how much our conferences really cost. This video is part of a blogpost that you can read (and share) here:

What Mark Shuttleworth gets about generosity that most people don’t

4:342 years Ago
We think generosity is about giving, sometimes though it's about letting other people give. My friend Craig Rodney shared this story with me years ago and I've never forgotten the message. What I did forget though, was to upload this video two moths ago when we recorded it. It's been a slow start :)

The year isn’t over yet. A business lesson from the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure

4:273 years Ago
As we get to this time of the year, it's so easy to take our foot off the gas. Don't! There's still work to be done, you need to feel that you ended the year like boss - to do that you still need to defeat that boss monster. Back to work, kids :) And then, get yourself a Nintendo Switch and play Ring Fit Adventures

Presenters, you can’t know your audience

3:473 years Ago
"Know your audience" you've heard it a hundred times. I have one question for you... How? How are you going to do that? Stalk each person online. Oh, and you have to do each person, audience is an unhelpful word. They're not one person. So no you can't, but you can know you... and you can use that to your advantage, and your audience's pleasure. *I would like to add that I do not actually recommend missing family birthdays. I've missed one of each of my kids and that's my limit. Thankfully the kind people at EO and LinkedIn indulged me in a song - thanks guys :)

The best way to kick off the New Year (A new keynote).

1:293 years Ago
Think of this talk as a "back-to-school" for your teams. We spend so much time celebrating the year that's been but not nearly enough time, on the year that will be. We should change that. Together :)

What MUJI taught me about being good enough

2:373 years Ago
Okay, so this may not be a strategy for everything in life, but it should be for somethings. Good enough, often, is. These Muji peeps are smart, we should listen to them more.

Rules To Live By – Friends Pay Full Price | How To Show You Care About Your Mates

1:393 years Ago
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ Today, I want to share one of my main rules to live by -- you should ALWAYS pay full price for your friends’ products or services. This is about how to show you care about your friend. Sure, you could ask for a discount, and maybe they’d give it to you. But what kind of message does that send them? My friends and I decided a while back to support each other rather than take favors. Of course, I’ll occasionally take something for free when it’s offered to me; but I don’t go out begging my friends for things that I can very well pay for myself. Many of my friends are doing really innovative, interesting things; many of your friends probably are too. This is one of my rules to live by because it’s a small gesture for you and a big deal for the person you’re supporting. Learning how to show you care about your friends will help you stay close and keep important connections open. If your friend’s written a book, don’t go ask them for a free copy. You’re better than that. If you want to be a supportive friend, go to the bookstore where it’s being sold and buy a copy yourself. But don’t just stop there. Call your friend and let them know that you’ve bought the book. Your actions will really show that you’re interested in their work and that what they’re doing means something to you. That can be really validating for someone. So, be sure to add this to your list of rules to live by. Learn how to show you care about your friends and start paying full price for the work that they do.

You’re being an asshole, and you don’t realise it

4:403 years Ago
It's amazing to me how often people - generally good people - treat other people badly. They do it because these other people are invisible to them. The bad news is that I am those "good" people, and so are you. You're being an asshole, and you don't realise it.

How to treat your suppliers

4:463 years Ago
tl:dr: Nicely! - - - Okay, so I'm swingin' for suppliers today, and swingin' for client's while I'm at it. The bottom line is this - just because you're the client, doesn't mean you get to treat people badly. Treat them the same way you'd treat your clients - or want to be treated yourself.

Not everything has to be a fucking life lesson

2:443 years Ago
I recorded this video for me, not you. I hate that I find myself looking at the world through the lens of a content creator. "What's the lesson here?" Nobody cares. In fact, I roll my eyes at 90% of the people that create vids as I do. Everyone wants to be a fucking thought leader. I feel dirty, every time I upload a video I feel like I need to reach for a bar of soap. This video was recorded more to remind me to respect people's attention. I'll probably still post the odd video ( I have two more in the queue waiting to go), but only if I really think it matters. There are just too many attention thieves out there.

Five reasons you should take your family to Afriski

4:073 years Ago
A few weeks back we went on a family holiday to Afriski, this is my fourth visit but the first with the kids. Wow, what a place, we had an incredible time. TL:DW - The weather - The vibe - The kids - The cost - The learning The sixth should have been the service, my family has vegans and vegetarians, the resort bent over backwards to accommodate us, IT really has so much to offer, I thought four days would be too much, turns out I could have stayed a whole week. Next year! Have you been? Let me know your experience below. Oh and thanks loads to Team Pearse for inviting us to join them on their family holiday - you guys rock.


0:033 years Ago
When it comes to staff engagement, you're pulling the wrong lever. You're communicating to your people when you need TO communicate THROUGH your people. Gallup data backs me up here. Watch this, it's important. TL:DR: Only 13% of staff are engaged, but more scarry is that 45% of staff are active detractors. However when frontline managers are engaged, staff are 59% more likely to be engaged.

How to speak with confidence.

3:453 years Ago
TL:DR Put yourself out there. That's it. If you want to speak better, speak more, and try stuff. Be brave and the being memorable will follow PS. Sorry, I used the front-facing camera here, rookie error.

Somebody out there needs you

4:103 years Ago
The other day I was having a terrible time, a stranger noticed and helped me out. Always remember that your up may be someone else's down... keep an eye out for those people.

What the final season of Game of Thrones taught us about our business

4:023 years Ago
First off..there's no series finale spoilers so you're all good. Here's the thing though, like it or hate ite it, they made you care, they made you angry. They did this by being brave enough to polarise you, and I think that's great. I wish more of us were brave enough to do the same!

The Truth Behind Great Service

3:553 years Ago
Everything's amazing and nobody's happy. Why is that? Well, basically, it's because we don't fully understand what great service is. I try demystify that here To read the whole story, check out my first book:

The first law of the negotiator

3:243 years Ago
Great negotiators have one key advantage over the rest of us. It's not that they have special skills (even when they do), it's that they realise they are negotiating in the first place. This video addresses that, and throws in a travel hack to boot.

How to win a fight on the internet

4:174 years Ago
*Spoiler* you can't. At least you won't win them over. You can, however, win the exchange. Watch to see what I mean. The blog post that sparked the fight: New Day's Resolution Post:

The art of saying no.

4:484 years Ago
Saying "no" is smart. Say "no, because..." isn't. Yet that's what we do all the time. This vid, inspired by Bernie Roth of the Standford Design School, addresses a better way to say no. Spoiler... you just say no. Actually doing it though is alot harder than you'd think.

Man the hell down

3:544 years Ago
We spend our lives "man-ing up", sometimes though, I just want to do the opposite, I want to go home, curl into a ball and just take a moment. This video is about that.

The not-so-subtle art of actually giving a fuck!

3:534 years Ago
*Warning* prob the sketchiest camera and sound work I've done to date - you'll survive :) Some people have commitment issues Shit or get off the pot, if you're going to be all hardcore and swear, have the guts to do it properly.

Change your words!

6:124 years Ago
Words. They matter. Like, a lot (by the way, "a lot" that's two words, "alot" that's not even one word - but I digress). Even knowing how important they are though, we're still so lazy in our choice of them. We default to the ones we're most comfortable with. We mustn't. Every now and then we need to find new words. That's what this vid is about.

Knowing your product isn’t enough.

5:534 years Ago
Ever wondered what ypour artistry:industry score is? How much you know about your product vs. how much you know about the industry you're in (or percieved to be in by your customers - they get the vote afterall)? Well, I realised that I scored badly on this scale and that it has cost us a lot. My worry is that I'm not alone. Many entrepreneurs are more focused one way or the other when what we need to do is grow both scores with balance. This video discusses this idea.

How An Artist Would Solve Our Business Problems

4:484 years Ago
Leonardo da Vinci said that "The mirror is the master of the artist". I was taught this concept recently by Gerhard Snyman, a fantastic artist. This video explores that concept. Fearless Dreamer:

How to get more money out of every meeting

3:514 years Ago
I realised a while back that I was my own worst enemy. I'd set a price tag for our business and the level we played at. I basically put ourselves in tthe minors when we could have been playing in the majors. Entrepreneurs do this all the time, they want the work so bad, they sell themselves short. In a previous video I mentioned how I started small, but this could be a hangover of that. Sell yourself for the level of meeting you're in. Don't trade your conversation stock too low!

Snowboarding the Streets with LeifTech

0:574 years Ago
I recently bought a Leif Board, which is essentially an electric freebord (a freebord is a way to snowboard on the streets). Just my second time out, but really enjoyed it. Quite pricey, but highly recommended

The power of the 36 month year | FEAT: Howard Mann

4:154 years Ago
Howard Man is a super smart guy, I've mentioned him many times, and his book is a must read: Here he talks about why you should think longer than 12-months. His thinking is so important for any business strategist, entrepreneur, or CEO. You can read his blog post on the topic here: Here's a prize excerpt: "So, imagine now that I roll out a new year for you starting on January 1, 2018 and it is 36 months long. You have 36 months to build a business that will finally be what you really want at the end of this new, much longer, year. No arbitrary sprints. Just the right amount of time to build something that will make you proud. In the early months, you can “plant seeds in new fields” and build up the machine that will be able to produce massive results in months 24 and forward. A 36 month year allows for patience. A 36 month year allows everyone in the company to be aligned with your long term goals. A 36 month year eases the pressure that you deal with every single year. It is not fun for you and you better believe your team hates the Q4 pressure as well. Whether you want to sell your business, double revenue, transform into new markets or just double your profit then you need to create as long a year as you need to give you the time and space to make the smartest moves to get there. Let patience be your business virtue."

Stress is a Decision

3:524 years Ago
New day resolution post: The other day I found myself in an extremely stressful situation, I decided that stress would get me nowhere, so I then decided not to do it. It was that easy. Stress is a decision you make and it's one you probably shouldn't waste energy on.

If you put your logo on every slide, I hate you!

8:014 years Ago
It's episode 50! I'd taken it down, but I've put it back up with an explanation (because in spite of the audio, it's an important message, we'll try do better next time ). People put their logos on every slide, I think it's a really bad idea - in this video I explain why.

How to introduce people by mail… the RIGHT way!

3:404 years Ago
While listening to Jordan Harbinger on the Kevin Rose show, I learned and introduction hack that is so elegant and brilliant, I'm kicking myself for not always doing 'em that way. Now I'm sharing the love with you. Kevin Rose Show: The Art of Charm:

The power of setting unachievable goals

5:514 years Ago
We often brainstorm how we reach our goal, however often in business our goals are incremental, reasonable, and achievable. What if they weren't? Would we get different results? In our experience, that's a definite yes!

Why you SHOULD read your slides

4:174 years Ago
One of the most common fallacies I hear presentation "professionals" spew up is that you mustn't read your slides. This is dead wrong. Sure, you mustn't have slides with too much to read, but if it's on the slide - use it.

Don’t beat your competitors. Have none!

3:374 years Ago
Competition is hard, but there's an easier way. The narrower your focus, the less competition you have. Here's some reading for you: Selling the invisible: Becoming a category of one: Zero to one: All address this issue in some way.

What Jeff Bezos taught me about business

4:064 years Ago
A few years back at TED I was lucky enough to chat with Jeff Bezos. The lesson he gave me was so simple, yet so often forgotten...
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