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Rich Mulholland
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How to win a fight on the internet

4:171 year Ago
*Spoiler* you can't. At least you won't win them over. You can, however, win the exchange. Watch to see what I mean. The blog post that sparked the fight: New Day's Resolution Post:

The art of saying no.

4:481 year Ago
Saying "no" is smart. Say "no, because..." isn't. Yet that's what we do all the time. This vid, inspired by Bernie Roth of the Standford Design School, addresses a better way to say no. Spoiler... you just say no. Actually doing it though is alot harder than you'd think.

Man the hell down

3:541 year Ago
We spend our lives "man-ing up", sometimes though, I just want to do the opposite, I want to go home, curl into a ball and just take a moment. This video is about that.

The not-so-subtle art of actually giving a fuck!

3:531 year Ago
*Warning* prob the sketchiest camera and sound work I've done to date - you'll survive :) Some people have commitment issues Shit or get off the pot, if you're going to be all hardcore and swear, have the guts to do it properly.

Change your words!

6:122 years Ago
Words. They matter. Like, a lot (by the way, "a lot" that's two words, "alot" that's not even one word - but I digress). Even knowing how important they are though, we're still so lazy in our choice of them. We default to the ones we're most comfortable with. We mustn't. Every now and then we need to find new words. That's what this vid is about.

Knowing your product isn’t enough.

5:532 years Ago
Ever wondered what ypour artistry:industry score is? How much you know about your product vs. how much you know about the industry you're in (or percieved to be in by your customers - they get the vote afterall)? Well, I realised that I scored badly on this scale and that it has cost us a lot. My worry is that I'm not alone. Many entrepreneurs are more focused one way or the other when what we need to do is grow both scores with balance. This video discusses this idea.

How An Artist Would Solve Our Business Problems

4:482 years Ago
Leonardo da Vinci said that "The mirror is the master of the artist". I was taught this concept recently by Gerhard Snyman, a fantastic artist. This video explores that concept. Fearless Dreamer:

How to get more money out of every meeting

3:512 years Ago
I realised a while back that I was my own worst enemy. I'd set a price tag for our business and the level we played at. I basically put ourselves in tthe minors when we could have been playing in the majors. Entrepreneurs do this all the time, they want the work so bad, they sell themselves short. In a previous video I mentioned how I started small, but this could be a hangover of that. Sell yourself for the level of meeting you're in. Don't trade your conversation stock too low!

Snowboarding the Streets with LeifTech

0:572 years Ago
I recently bought a Leif Board, which is essentially an electric freebord (a freebord is a way to snowboard on the streets). Just my second time out, but really enjoyed it. Quite pricey, but highly recommended

The power of the 36 month year | FEAT: Howard Mann

4:152 years Ago
Howard Man is a super smart guy, I've mentioned him many times, and his book is a must read: Here he talks about why you should think longer than 12-months. His thinking is so important for any business strategist, entrepreneur, or CEO. You can read his blog post on the topic here: Here's a prize excerpt: "So, imagine now that I roll out a new year for you starting on January 1, 2018 and it is 36 months long. You have 36 months to build a business that will finally be what you really want at the end of this new, much longer, year. No arbitrary sprints. Just the right amount of time to build something that will make you proud. In the early months, you can “plant seeds in new fields” and build up the machine that will be able to produce massive results in months 24 and forward. A 36 month year allows for patience. A 36 month year allows everyone in the company to be aligned with your long term goals. A 36 month year eases the pressure that you deal with every single year. It is not fun for you and you better believe your team hates the Q4 pressure as well. Whether you want to sell your business, double revenue, transform into new markets or just double your profit then you need to create as long a year as you need to give you the time and space to make the smartest moves to get there. Let patience be your business virtue."

Stress is a Decision

3:522 years Ago
New day resolution post: The other day I found myself in an extremely stressful situation, I decided that stress would get me nowhere, so I then decided not to do it. It was that easy. Stress is a decision you make and it's one you probably shouldn't waste energy on.

If you put your logo on every slide, I hate you!

8:012 years Ago
It's episode 50! I'd taken it down, but I've put it back up with an explanation (because in spite of the audio, it's an important message, we'll try do better next time ). People put their logos on every slide, I think it's a really bad idea - in this video I explain why.

How to introduce people by mail… the RIGHT way!

3:402 years Ago
While listening to Jordan Harbinger on the Kevin Rose show, I learned and introduction hack that is so elegant and brilliant, I'm kicking myself for not always doing 'em that way. Now I'm sharing the love with you. Kevin Rose Show: The Art of Charm:

The power of setting unachievable goals

5:512 years Ago
We often brainstorm how we reach our goal, however often in business our goals are incremental, reasonable, and achievable. What if they weren't? Would we get different results? In our experience, that's a definite yes!

Why you SHOULD read your slides

4:172 years Ago
One of the most common fallacies I hear presentation "professionals" spew up is that you mustn't read your slides. This is dead wrong. Sure, you mustn't have slides with too much to read, but if it's on the slide - use it.

Don’t beat your competitors. Have none!

3:372 years Ago
Competition is hard, but there's an easier way. The narrower your focus, the less competition you have. Here's some reading for you: Selling the invisible: Becoming a category of one: Zero to one: All address this issue in some way.

What Jeff Bezos taught me about business

4:062 years Ago
A few years back at TED I was lucky enough to chat with Jeff Bezos. The lesson he gave me was so simple, yet so often forgotten...
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